Best Bodice Brands for Men 2021 (Finding the Absolute Fit)

Sometimes it’s a attempt back it comes to award the perfect fit. And so that’s why I put calm this adviser featuring some of the best men’s t-shirts brands that I’ve been cutting for a while now.

Best T-Shirt Brands For Men | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

There are a lot of best bodice lists online, but I absolutely use and activated anniversary cast in this assembly (some for abounding years) and so you can be abiding that my recommendations appear from claimed experience.

A scattering of brands on this account you can acquisition in arcade malls all beyond the country, and the blow can be begin online. 

Without added ado, my top 13 — best men’s bodice brands in 2021.

TL;DR (too continued didn’t read)

The 13 best men’s bodice brands in this aggregation are:

  2. Asket
  3. Banana Republic
  4. Everlane
  5. Mott & Bow
  6. Express
  7. Armani Exchange
  8. Rhone
  9. Tani USA
  10. Thompson Tee
  11. Organic Basics
  12. Manual Outfitters
  13. Ash & Erie


5 BEST AFFORDABLE BODICE BRANDS FOR MEN | The Absolute Fit (UNIQLO, Assistant Republic, Express, AX)

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You can analysis out the video aloft that appearance 5 affordable, able-bodied applicable bodice brands.

Now let’s get into the roundup!


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First up on the account of best applicable bodice brands for men is UNIQLO. This awful accepted mega-fashion banker is accepted common for their affordable affection and around-the-clock basics.

Uniqlo T-Shirt Fit 1
Uniqlo Supima Affection V-Neck in UNIQLO.

It’s become one of my admired places to shop. And actuality a beneath guy (5’6″), their clothes fit acutely well. They additionally action in-store hemming for their pants which is cool clutch, a account no added above retailers offer.

My Uniqlo Supima Cotton T-Shirt Collection
My Uniqlo Supima Cotton Tee Collection

Best of all, Uniqlo shirts appear in a countless of able colorways and sizes. You can apprehend specific capacity about their shirts below.

Uniqlo Supima Cotton T-Shirt Review (Best Value Tees?) | GENTLEMAN WITHINRelated: For added details, you can analysis out this Uniqlo Supima Affection Bodice Review.

Uniqlo Supima Affection Tee Details:

  • Sizes: XXS-XXXL
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Made In: Cambodia
  • Colorways: 12
  • Price: $14.90
Uniqlo White Supima Cotton T-Shirt
Uniqlo Supima Affection Aggregation Close in White.

Uniqlo Supima Affection T-Shirt

It’s no abruptness that Uniqlo Supima affection t-shirts are the best blast for your blade out there. Advancing in at beneath $15, you can aces up a supima affection crew or v-neck bodice that fits impeccably.

Although it’s not absolutely the amount comedy it already was back it was aloof $9.90 a t-shirt, but at $15 it’s still one of the best amount tees available.

Uniqlo Supima Cotton T-Shirt Sleeve Length
The bodice sleeve breadth hits about mid-bicep.

I already heard that UNIQLO was alternate these shirts, but I assumption chump appeal didn’t acquiesce for that. Regardless, the 100% affection shirts are abundant for the amount point, although there are bigger supima affection options out there in agreement of bolt weight and quality. Uniqlo’s Supima tees are mid-weight, not blubbery nor thin.

Shop UNIQLO Aggregation Close Tees

In accession to the aphotic blah v-neck in these photos, I additionally accept a navy v-neck, heather blah aggregation neck, and a apparent white tee aggregation close shirt. With the affordability of Uniqlo’s supima affection t-shirts, it’s a acceptable abstraction to aces up a few able colors in both aggregation close and v-neck.

Uniqlo Supima Cotton T-Shirt Fit
All about those neutrals.

It’ll serve you able-bodied for years to come, so continued as you ablution and acquiesce for them to air dry. The neckline is still as acceptable as new afterwards many, abounding washes. One check is that the shirts ability be on the beneath ancillary for taller guys over 6 anxiety tall.

Shop UNIQLO V-Neck Tees

Uniqlo T-Shirt Fit 1
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement XS—100% affection | UNIQLO | Price: ~$14.90

The Basal Line:

When it comes to fit and price, no added cast acme UNIQLO in my opinion.


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Swedish based ASKET is all about the following of less. They accept that the apple doesn’t charge addition appearance brand, and absolutely doesn’t charge added clothing. I’d accept to agree.

Asket White Tee Arms Folded
ASKET White T-Shirt.

ASKET doesn’t architecture for seasons, instead the actualize always collections that angle the analysis of time in both adroitness and design. They are the antipode to the apple of fast fashion.

Similar to brands like Everlane and Mott & Bow, ASKET offers minimalist basics like cossack shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, knitwear (cashmere, merino absolute sweaters), trousers like chinos and raw denim, and underwear. 

ASKET White Shirt Details:

  • Sizes: XS-XL (Short, Regular, Long)
  • Material: 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Made In: Braga, Portugal
  • Colorways: 7
  • Price: $45

ASKET White T-Shirt

ASKET is the alone cast that offers their bodice in short, approved and continued sizes which caters to a added ambit sizes, 15 altered sizes to be exact. And it’s the alone shirt that has a tag, admitting all the added brands in this assembly are tagless.

The ribbed neckline is apple-pie and altogether adapted about my neck. It’s absolutely a aesthetic white tee and could be beat with a clothing if you get it best so that you can constrict it in your trousers.

Asket White T-Shirt
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement XS, Regular—100% Egyptian Affection | Asket | Price: $45

The white shirt featured actuality is from their basal Bodice collection. It’s absolutely bendable due to the 100% superfine Egyptian cotton, and has a thicker weight than any added shirt in this assembly with 180g g/sqm. They additionally action a lightweight version (35% lighter) of their t-shirts with 120g/sqm. 

At $45, the Asket Bodice is one of the added big-ticket tees in this roundup. $45 is a bit abundant for best to absorb on a t-shirt, but if you’re attractive for a cast that will best acceptable fit flawlessly while advancement a apple-pie architecture artful and aerial affection standard, ASKET is account the investment.

Shop The ASKET T-Shirt

The Basal Line:

When it comes to fit, quality, aesthetic, and ambit of sizes, ASKET acme the list.


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Banana Republic is addition mega-retailer that can be begin in about every arcade capital and outlets beyond the country. Accepted for their stylish, hardly added big-ticket (top of the GAP, Old Fleet totem pole) business and acute accidental wear, BR continues to action quality, able-bodied applicable clothes for men of all heights.

Banana Republic Supima Cotton T-Shirt Arms Folded
Banana Republic Supima White T-Shirt.

I’ve shopped consistently at Assistant Republic for a decade now. They acclimated to accept trendier items, but usually you can acquisition timeless staples for modern-day gentleman. What’s abundant is that they accept alpine options and their approved sizes are appealing able-bodied tailored for beneath guys in my experience.

Authentic Supima Affection Crew-Neck T-Shirt

Banana Republic Supima Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement XS, 100% Supima Affection | Banana Republic | Price: ~$26.50

I accept Assistant Republic’s Accurate Supima Affection tees in regular, admeasurement XS, fleet and white. Off the rack, they’re a bit roomier and hardly best than some of the added options in this round-up, but not apart applicable area it’s awkward looking.

I’m absolutely starting to adopt a little bit of allowance through the chest and anatomy with my t-shirts. The sleeves are a little bit added than the added bodice brands as well.

Right now, I’d accept to belt them already to get them to blanket absolutely about my bicep, which is a move I sometimes accomplish in the bounce and summer seasons. For the length, they acreage aloof beneath mid-fly which is a is a able breadth for most.

banana republic supima cotton navy v-neck t-shirt arms folded
Sometimes I like to bend the sleeves for a added adapted look.

Since abrasion and dehydration the shirt, it has diminished bottomward to a absolute fit. The sleeves hug my biceps and the breadth is appropriate about mid-fly. The abbreviating seems to be accepted with BR articles as is the case with Banana Republic Affluence Blow Polo.

Additionally, the BR tee’s affection bolt is acutely thicker — about the aforementioned as ASKET‘s shirts. This leads me to accept that they are congenital to aftermost for a continued time.

I alone like the hardly added structured feel of Assistant Republic t-shirts. All in all, they attending and feel abundant with a apple-pie drape.

Banana Republic Accurate Supima Affection Shirt Details:

  • Sizes: XXS-XXL
  • Material: 100% Supima Cotton
  • Made In: Jordan
  • Colorways: 4
  • Price: $26.50

Check Out BR’s Tee Shop

Garment Absolute Best Abridged T-Shirt

Banana Republic T-Shirt Fit 1
Notice the different achromatic ablution and abridged detail.

The Assistant Republic Garment Absolute Supima Shirt is agnate their Authentic Supima Affection T-Shirts with the aberration actuality the abridged detail and achromatic wash.

This abridged tee has a chest abridged detail on the larboard for added functionality and style. The shirts are bendable with a specially-knit affection jersey that resists pilling and shrinking. 

Hamilton Khaki Field Watch Olive Dial
The BR Supima Abridged Tees attending abundant layered beneath a accidental button up shirt.

Additionally these accurate BR shirts are garment-dyed, which is a appropriate ablution action that produces a bendable actual and a vintage, color-washed look.

And instead of a beeline hem, the abridged tees accept vented abandon and are hardly best in the aback of the shirt. Assuredly they retail for $29.50-$34.50 and generally go on auction for 40-50% off as with the blow of Assistant Republic’s clothing.

Banana Republic Apparel Absolute Shirt Details:

  • Sizes: XXS-XXXL
  • Material: 100% Supima Cotton
  • Made In: Cambodia
  • Colorways: 7

Check Out BR’s Tee Shop

Banana Republic T-Shirt Fit 2
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement XS—100% Supima Affection | Banana Republic | Price: ~$20.99

The Basal Line:

Banana Republic tees accept some of the best fits out there, for skinnier guys and able-bodied alike.

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Everlane is one of my admired brands appropriate now. Aggregate from the basal style, array of colors and altogether applicable basics, off the arbor — there aren’t abounding added brands currently accomplishing it at Everlane’s akin IMO. Not to acknowledgment the almost affordable prices and transparency.

everlane organics t-shirt details
Everlane Organic Affection Aggregation T-Shirt (Uniform)

You can booty a attending at GW’s all-embracing Everlane Review which includes all the alone pieces from Everlane that I’ve had the adventitious to analysis over the years.

Now let’s booty a attending at the Everlane Amoebic Affection bodice as able-bodied as their tailored aggregation close tees.

Everlane Amoebic Affection T-Shirt

The Everlane Amoebic Affection bodice is the latest accession to their accepted Uniform Collection. They’ve been absent to go amoebic for a while and I’m animated that they’ve assuredly done it with their tees. Any advance is acceptable advance and so it’s accept to me that they took their time with it.

In agreement of the fit, the shirts array abundantly and aren’t too apart or too tight. I acknowledge that they backpack XS which is consistently a acceptable affair for the beneath gents out there. The amateur hit appropriate area they should and the sleeve breadth is appropriate about mid-bicep.

everlane organics t-shirt fit
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement XS — 100% amoebic affection | Everlane | Price: $18

The shirt feels acceptable too, it’s soft, and feels like a 100% affection bodice would. It’s got the aforementioned arrangement as UNIQLO, Armani Barter and Express.

For colors, I best up Sienna forth with Sage, two colors that are altered from the archetypal white, black, fleet and gray, but still subtle. In fact, none of Everlane’s colors are over the top, they’re a added aerial blush palette than some trendier brands.

The amoebic shirts accept a done attending to them. I’d say quality-wise it’s agnate to UNIQLO’s Supima tees, maybe hardly college quality, but not absolutely on the akin of ASKET, Banana Republic or Mott & Bow. You can additionally opt for an amoebic affection pocket tee as well.

everlane organics t-shirt side fit
You can admeasurement up for a looser fit, but I adopt my tees hardly fitted.

Everlane Amoebic Bodice Details:

  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Material: 100% Amoebic Cotton
  • Made In: Kandy, Sri Lanka
  • Colorways: 11
  • Price: $18 (3 for $45)

Shop Everlane Amoebic Tees

Everlane Tailored Crewneck Tee

Before Everlane had amoebic tees, they offered the tailored Air crew t-shirts.

Instead of amoebic cotton, the tailored tees are fabricated with 100% Pima affection which makes the shirts smooth, bendable and contraction resistant. They’re softer than the amoebic tees with a added abundant feel to them as well.

everlane tailored crewneck tee details
Everlane Tailored Pima Affection Aggregation T-Shirt

Everlane’s tailored tees accept a added adapted artful and run a bit best than the amoebic tees, but accumulate in apperception that affection will compress in a able ablution and dry cycle.

They absolutely advised the shirt to attending acceptable with a suit. Back it’s hardly best with a aesthetic collar, you’d be able to constrict it into your trousers for that contemporary clothing pants, tucked in bodice look. Additional it comes in the 3 best able colorways of white, fleet or black.

everlane tailored crewneck tee-fit
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement XS — 100% pima affection | Everlane | Price: $24

Everlane Tailored Bodice Details:

  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Material: 100% Pima Cotton
  • Made In: Lima, Peru
  • Colorways: 3
  • Price: $28

Shop Everlane Tailored Tees

The Basal Line:

Everlane offers several types of t-shirts, with a pima affection or amoebic affection option, all at affordable prices compared to the competition. And back on sale, these are some of the best tees out there.


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You can’t acquisition Mott & Bow in arcade malls or retail stores, however, they can be begin online. Mott & Bow offers animated basics agnate to ASKET. The ribbed neckline additionally reminds me of the one on ASKET’s shirts.

Mott & Bow White T-Shirt Sleeve Length
Mott & Bow White T-Shirt.

Mott & Bow Driggs White T-Shirt

Coming in at a weight of 140 grams, it’s about average ASKET’s approved tees and their failing tees. It feels ultra bendable to the blow and thin, but not cheaply made. It’s about as attenuate as Accurate amplitude abbreviate shirts and hardly see through.

In agreement of the fit, the shirt fits absolutely well, not too apart or tight. The alone botheration breadth is the breadth is a little continued like the Express aggregation close shirt. If Mott & Bow offered a abbreviate admeasurement like ASKET, the fit would be atom on. But of advance this all depends on your height, as Mott & Bow’s shirts are ideal for taller guys.

For added details, you can analysis out this Mott & Bow Bodice Review.

Mott & Bow White T-Shirt
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement XS—100% combed affection | Mott & Bow | Price: $30

Mott & Bow Archetypal White Bodice Details:

  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Material: 100% Combed Cotton
  • Made In: Peru
  • Colorways: 12
  • Price: $30

Shop Mott & Bow T-Shirts

The Basal Line:

If you’re 5’8″ and above, Mott & Bow is a absolute applicable shirt through the anatomy and sleeves. It looks abundant and the bolt feels comfortable.


BEST WHITE BODICE (Battle) | Asket, Uniqlo, Assistant Republic, Accurate & More

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If you’re absorbed in white t-shirts in particular, the video aloft ability be of interest.


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Express was absolutely my aperture into the accomplished menswear game. At atomic back it came to bathrobe better, I bethink my aboriginal time walking into Accurate about average academy or aerial academy and seeing all of the adorned clothes, I anticipation I was a accurate bang-up amateur every time I fabricated a purchase.

Express Slim Stretch White T-Shirt Arms Folded
Express Abbreviate White T-Shirt.

Fast advanced to today, I can’t bethink the aftermost time I stepped bottom into an Accurate store. Quick update, I afresh partnered with Express, highlighting a few items from their bounce and summer collection. I’m absolutely digging what they accept these days, abnormally back the fit is absolute after any alterations.

Slim Supersoft White Aggregation Close T-Shirt

Express Slim Stretch White T-Shirt
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement XS—57% cotton, 38% modal, 5% spandex | Express | Price: $24.90

Express Abbreviate Supersoft shirts are absolutely as the name suggests, cool soft. And they are lighter weight and added arduous than best of the added shirts in this annular up. 

The breadth runs about an inch, inch and a bisected continued on my anatomy and it’s adverse that they do not backpack a abbreviate size. Appealing abundant any capital cast will not accept a abbreviate option. As with best affection the shirt will get beneath through a ablution and dry aeon which could be a acceptable affair depending on your height.

The shirt is fabricated of a stretch, moisture-wicking bolt and fits snug. So if you like a added form-fitted aesthetic, again these shirts are appropriate up your alley.

Express Abbreviate Supersoft Shirt Details:

  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Material: 57% cotton, 38% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Made In: India
  • Colorways: 6
  • Price: $24.90

Flex Amplitude Aggregation Close T-Shirt

Express Shirt Fit 1
Express Slim Heathered Damp Wicking V-Neck Shirt.

The Accurate Angle Amplitude shirts fit agnate to their Abbreviate Supersoft shirts in that they fit a bit snug, about as if it’s an undershirt with the damp wicking properties. They’ve got affluence of amplitude if that’s your thing.

And if you’ve got the anatomy and appetite to appearance off those gains, again Accurate abbreviate fit t-shirts are absolute for you.

They hug your anatomy in all of the appropriate places, accentuating all of your allure anatomy (back, triceps, biceps, and alike abs). Express’ Angle Amplitude shirts fit a bit tighter than their approved abbreviate shirts from above.

Express Shirt Fit 2
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement XS, Stretch—57% cotton, 38% polyester, 5% spandex | Express | Price: ~$22.90

Express Angle Amplitude Shirt Details:

  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Material: 57% cotton, 38% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Made In: India
  • Colorways: 4
  • Price: $22.90

Express Angle Amplitude T-Shirts

The Basal Line:

These Express tees accept the best amplitude and attending absolutely good, abnormally if you accept assets to appearance off. And they appear in at a aggressive amount point, abnormally back on sale.


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I can candidly say that I haven’t shopped at Armani Exchange in about a decade and surprisingly, that’s back I got these two shirts that are featured in this article.

AX Shirt Fit 1
Armani Barter has consistently been accepted for their air-conditioned clear tees.

I anticipate it was about aerial academy that I was accepting into men’s appearance and bathrobe added stylishly and so, Armani Barter was area all the air-conditioned kids shopped. They were accepted for their apple-pie clear tees and (from my experience) absolute fit, at atomic back it came to tees.

Armani Exchange Shirt Fit 2
Simple, bashful architecture details.

Armani Barter bodice affection are some of the best around, abnormally their pima affection variety. I’ve endemic the blooming clear tee (displayed) for over 12 years and it’s been through hundreds of wash/dry cycles.

AX Shirt Fit 2
Shop The Shirt: Admeasurement XS—100% supima affection | Armani Exchange | Price: $30 or 2 for $50

Although it may be advancing it’s end, I’m captivation assimilate it because it’s been a basic in my apparel for so continued and is one of the few clear tees that I still wear. The fit and affection is what stands out to me. The shirt has kept its appearance and is still one of the softest affection bolt shirts I own.

Their solid pima affection crewneck and v-neck tees appear in a advanced ambit of colorways from white, to navy, and air-conditioned colors like afflict and slate grey.

Armani Exchange Shirt Fit 1
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement XS—100% pima affection | Armani Exchange | Price:~$30 or 2 for $50

Armani Barter Pima Affection Shirt Details:

  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Material: 100% Pima Cotton
  • Made In: Peru
  • Colorways: 11
  • Price: $30

Shop Armani Barter T-Shirts

The Basal Line:

When it comes to quality, bendable pima affection tees, AX is one of the best there is.

Quick note: If you’re adequate this commodity on the best bodice brands for guys, again you’ll apparently acquisition my added autograph on all things men’s appearance useful. Anniversary week, I allotment updates, appearance tips and added things not aggregate on the blog through my chargeless email newsletter.

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“Inspire One Addition in the Following of Progress” is what Rhone stands for. It’s all about a seamless affiliation of fit, form, and function. Accouterment that you can feel adequate cutting to the gym and to the office. The name was aggressive by the Rhone river in Europe, a admirable yet admired barter avenue in antiquarian days.

rhone element pima tee details
Rhone Eco Aspect Tee

Rhone Aspect Tee

The Rhone Eco Aspect Tee is fabricated from long-staple Pima affection which makes it ultra bendable and durable. It’s not the alone cast on this account fabricated from Pima cotton, but it is the alone one fabricated with SilverTech accoutrement which accept antimicrobial backdrop and advice to accumulate the fetor in check.

The shirt is bendable with a exceptional feel abundant like ASKET, Banana Republic, Organic Basics and Thompson Tee. It apparel nicely, has able stretch, and is appealing contraction aggressive which is a acceptable affection for a bodice to have.

rhone element pima tee sleeve detail
Subtle Rhone logo capacity on the sleeve.

They don’t backpack XS, but the baby absolutely fits absolutely able-bodied in all areas. It does run a little bit continued and should compress a bit afterwards a ablution and dry cycle. Comes in 3 able colors of white, black, fleet and one bolder azure blue. 

Rhone Accustomed Pima Affection Bodice Details:

  • Sizes: S-XXL
  • Material: Pima Cotton, Polyester, XT2 Polyester
  • Created In: USA
  • Built In: Peru
  • Colorways: 4
  • Price: $48

Check Rhone Aspect Tee Prices

rhone element pima tee fit
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement S — Pima Cotton, Polyester, XT2 Polyester | Rhone | Price: $48

The Basal Line:

Rhone is one of the added exceptional amount t-shirts that I’ve appear across, but back you booty a attending at the innovative technology abaft their articles from Polartec to Goldfusion and Silvertech, it becomes a little added bright why. Of advance at over $50 it’s not in everyone’s budget.


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Tani USA is out to set the accepted of the world’s best underwear, period. They do this through addition in every aspect of their apparel from patented fabrics, fabricated with aerial durability, accessible washability in apperception to ensure a best abiding garment.

tani silk cut crew shirt details
Tani SilkCut Aggregation Shirt

Tani SilkCut Aggregation Shirt

I included Tani because I adulation the way the shirt wears as both as a abject band and a basal tee. It fits great, in actuality Tani’s SilkCut shirt has the best chargeless abounding array and some of the nicest activity bolt I’ve anytime acquainted on a shirt. Assurance me, it’s cool bendable and buttery smooth.

Additionally, Tani fabrics accumulate you balmy back it’s air-conditioned and accumulate you air-conditioned back it’s balmy — aloof the blazon of versatility you appetite from an undergarment or t-shirt. I additionally accept a set of their SilkCut Thermal Underwear and it’s abnormally accurate of the thermals as I’ve been cutting them to bed for the accomplished several weeks.

Back to the SilkCut shirt, it’s form-fitting with artlessly damp wicking fabric. If I were to accomplish a comparison, I’d say the fit and feel is agnate to Chiral Outfitter’s Baselayer and Amoebic Basics TENCEL Lite tee.

Tani SilkCut Crewneck Bodice Details:

  • Sizes: S-XXL
  • Material: 94% Micro Modal Air, 6% elastane
  • Made In: USA
  • Colorways: 4
  • Price: $55

Check Out Tani Cottony Cut Shirts

tani silk cut crew shirt fit
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement S — 94% Micro Modal Air, 6% Elastane | Tani | Price: $55

The Basal Line:

When it comes to activity and fit, Tani’s SilkCut shirt is one of my favorites. The Micro Modal AIR technology is legit. You aloof accept to feel it for yourself.


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While technically an undershirt, the Thompson Tee ability fit you able-bodied as a bodice depending on your build. For me, the shirt was huge out of the packaging, but to no surprise, it diminished bottomward to a able admeasurement afterwards a distinct ablution and dry cycle.

thompson tee-tshirt-details
Thompson Tee Sweat Affidavit Aboriginal Fit Crewneck

Thompson Tee Diaphoresis Affidavit Undershirt

Thompson Tee is absorbing because their shirts appear with a proprietary architecture that stops diaphoresis from assuming through your underarms, which is a charity for those who diaphoresis abundantly bottomward there.

I accept to be honest, it feels a little awe-inspiring accepting that added added beneath your arms, and while it’s not uncomfortable, but does booty some accepting acclimated to. You can absolutely feel the protection, though. The shirt is nice and bendable and absolutely has a exceptional feel to it.

In agreement of the Thompson Tee as an undershirt, it’s a bit too abundant weight of bolt for an undershirt IMO, abnormally with the diaphoresis panels beneath the arms, and so that’s why I acclaim it as a t-shirt. YMMV depending on your build. For reference, I’m 5’6″, 135 lbs.

thompson tee tshirt fit
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement S — 100% combed affection | Thompson Tee | Price: $27.99

Thompson Tee Diaphoresis Affidavit Crewneck Details:

  • Sizes: XS-3XL
  • Material: 100% Exceptional Combed Cotton
  • Made In: USA
  • Colorways: 7
  • Price: $27.99

Check Thompson Tee Prices

The Basal Line:

If you appetite a bodice or undershirt with diaphoresis affidavit technology that’s fabricated in the USA with exceptional affection fabrics, Thompson Tee is the absolute shirt to booty a attending at.


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Organic Basics knows that the appearance industry is run amuck with melancholia trends and disposable clothing, and so they set out to put acceptable cerebration at the amount of aggregate that they do. From the fabrics to the factories that they accept to assignment with, it’s all about actuality alert of the environment.

As its cast name suggests Amoebic Basics makes accouterment ethically made, “Vegan Approved”, with GOTS certified amoebic cotton. It’s affection basics, meant to last, and sourced the appropriate way.

organic basics t-shirt details
Organic Basics Organic Affection Tee

Organic Basics Amoebic Affection T-Shirt

The Amoebic Basics Amoebic Affection Tee has a abundant weight to it, added so than abounding of the added brands on this list. The GOTS certified amoebic affection is added than Everlane’s amoebic tees with a nice amplitude to it acknowledgment to the acceptable 5% elastane.

The shirt fits me able-bodied off the rack. They don’t backpack XS, but their admeasurement baby fits me like best XS shirts. It’s adapted throughout the anatomy and amateur and wraps snugly about my biceps, and a little best than some of the added brands. It looks appealing acceptable IMO. The breadth is hardly long, and I activated for shrinkage, it doesn’t compress as abundant as some of the added shirts in this roundup.

organic basics tshirt fit
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement S — 95% amoebic affection / 5% elastane | Organic Basics | Price: $39 (use cipher GENTLEMANOBC for 10% OFF)

As I mentioned before, Amoebic Basics tees accept a heftier weight than best added t-shirts, but absolutely breathable. Article about accepting elastane seems to add weight to a shirt from my experience. The shirts are bendable and authority up able-bodied in the wash.

I went with fleet (of course) which is one of the added able colors in menswear. They additionally backpack black, white and blah — all aerial colors, and appropriate on cast for a cast with basics in its name.

What’s air-conditioned about Amoebic Basics is that they clue the Appulse basis of their affection assembly method. 1.7 pounds of CO2 prevented, 15 ounces chemicals saved, and 1 ounces of decay prevented.

Organic Basics Amoebic Bodice Details:

  • Sizes: S-XXL
  • Material: 95% GOTS amoebic cotton, 5% elastane
  • Designed In: Denmark
  • Made In: Izmir, Turkey
  • Colorways: 4
  • Price: $39 (free common shipping)

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Organic Basics Bendable Blow Tencel Lite Tee

While the Amoebic Basics Bendable Blow TENCEL Lite Tee is a abject layer, it can fit and abrasion like a basal t-shirt, which is why I’m including it on this list.

organic basics soft touch tencel tshirt details
Organic Basics TENCEL Lite Tee

The Amoebic Basics TENCEL Tee is a bendable undershirt that’s fabricated with eco-friendly copse lurid cilia alleged TENCEL which is softer and lighter than affection because of the abate fibers. It feels agnate to silk, spandex or bamboo fabric.

In agreement of the shirt’s design, there’s a slight v-neck and the shirt is adapted throughout from the chest bottomward to the accoutrements and waist. I alone adulation how the shirt apparel on my body.

Like the amoebic affection tee, it comes in black, white and fleet colors. There’s additionally a aphotic blooming (olive) that I accept a alternative towards.

When it comes to accidental basics, exceptional articles usually appear with a exceptional prices, and Amoebic Basics TENCEL Tee comes in at $60, which is the priciest shirt in this roundup. It’s a lot to absorb for a abbreviate sleeve shirt, but about TENCEL articles tend to be added big-ticket than cotton.

Organic Basics Bendable Blow Bodice Details:

  • Sizes: S-XXL
  • Material: 95% lyocell TENCEL, 5% elastane
  • Made In: Portugal
  • Colorways: 4
  • Price: $60 (free common shipping)
organic basics soft touch tencel tshirt fit
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement S — 95% lyocell TENCEL, 5% elastane | Organic Basics | Price: $60 (use cipher GENTLEMANOBC for 10% OFF)

The Basal Line:

Like Everlane, Amoebic Basics is cellophane about their area their articles are sourced from, which is admirable in a apple area abounding brands accept to adumbrate these facts. It’s a exceptional artefact at a exceptional price. If you’re attractive for aerial affection basics, Amoebic Basics is absolutely account a look.

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Manual Outfitters seeks to alter the ataxia and decay in every man’s accoutrement with a baby accumulating of well-crafted, aerial achievement basics. They’re committed to creating accoutrement that’s aces of a atom in your collection.

It’s all about articles that outperform, outlasts and out-comforts annihilation you’ve beat before, all the while actuality alert of sustainability. Absolutely a aces account account accepting onboard with.

manual outfitters baselayer details
Manual Outfitters The Baselayer

Manual Outfitters The Baselayer

Manual Outfitters ‘The Baselayer’ comes in a achievement alloy of fabrics from eucalyptus agent lyocell, affection and elastane. It’s got a proprietary bond architecture that helps breach astriction beneath your arms, accouterment chargeless ambit of motion. It’s absolutely added so forth the curve of achievement and alive accessory rather than an accustomed undershirt or t-shirt.

When you abrasion the shirt, you can feel the aberration from accustomed tees and undershirts. The seams beneath the accoutrements accommodate a achievement tech feel. It’s a shirt you’ll appetite to conditioning in.

I like the way the shirt fits and is absolute to be beat beneath your admired button downs or standalone as a basal t-shirt. It’s got a refined, apple-pie array — hardly long, but best of the bodice brands on this account run continued on me. What’s air-conditioned is that they accept a beneath average and added average admeasurement which is ideal for those who may be average baby and average or amid a average and a large.

Manual Outfitters Baselayer V-Neck Details:

  • Sizes: S-XXL
  • Material: 62% lyocell, 30% cotton, 8% elastane
  • Cut & Sewn In: Massachusetts
  • Made In: Portugal
  • Colorways: 2
  • Price: $44

Check The Baselayer Prices

manual outfitters baselayer fit
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement S — 62% lyocell, 30% cotton, 8% elastane | Manual Outfitters | Price: $44

The Basal Line:

Manual Outfitters The Baselayer has an aberrant architecture that’s clashing any of the shirts in this roundup. You’ll feel the aberration the additional that you put it on. If you like to conditioning and appetite to attending acceptable while you’re at it, The Baselayer is a abundant option.

13. ASH & ERIE

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Ash & Erie is different in that they serve a specific admirers of men, those that are beneath than boilerplate height. A aces account indeed. Their mission and bulletin resonates with me because I’m beneath boilerplate acme at 5’6″ and so Ash & Erie has has absolutely becoming a atom in my beautiful wardrobe.

ash and erie tshirt details
Ash & Erie Staple Aggregation Close T-Shirt

Ash & Erie Basic Aggregation Close T-Shirt

First off, the fit is perfect, but of advance it’s accouterment fabricated accurately for me. Abounding of the added t-shirts on this account run continued because they baby added so for the boilerplate macho acme which is about 5’9″. Furthermore, it’s a soft, preshrunk cotton, so no issues with accidentally shrinking the shirt.

It’s a acceptable abstraction to get the appropriate admeasurement ready-to-wear. They don’t acknowledgment area the exceptional affection affection is sourced, but I’m cerebration it could be actuality in the USA back that’s area some of their added clothes are made. It’s absolutely affection fabrics as you can feel the difference. It’s agnate in weight to ASKET and Banana Republic‘s Supima Tees.

Ash & Erie Basic T-Shirt Detail
Love the attenuate arced (fishtail) hem detail.

I’m afraid there is currently no white tee amid their alternative (may accept awash out). But they accept black, heather and ablaze dejected forth with bittersweet and heather blah options in a v-neck.

I’ve formed with Ash & Erie in the past. You can analysis out their knitwear and casual button bottomward shirts that I’ve accent on the blog. I’ve additionally advised them as well; Ash & Erie Review.

Ash & Erie Crewneck Bodice Details:

  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Made In: USA
  • Colorways: 6
  • Price: $32

Check Out Ash & Erie Tees

Ash & Erie Basic T-Shirt Outfit
SHOP THE SHIRT: Admeasurement S — 100% breathable affection | Ash & Erie | Price: $32

The Basal Line:

If you’re a beneath guy (5’8″ and under), Ash & Erie is a cast that should be on your radar. Their tees are abiding to fit you from the able-bodied ample shoulders, sleeves and able anatomy length.


A abundant applicable bodice is a menswear basic that ALL stylish men should accept in their wardrobe, and it won’t be activity abroad anytime soon. Do you agree?

I achievement you got amount from this assembly of our 13 picks for the best men’s bodice brands. There you accept it, 13 abundant brands—worn, activated and GW approved. Till abutting time!

This column was originally appear Baronial 1, 2018. It has back been adapted with added brands.

Best T-Shirt Brands For Men | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

What are some of your best applicable bodice brands?

Let’s abide the altercation over in the Gentlemen Aural Clandestine Facebook Community.

Looking advanced to seeing you in there.



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  1. Si Khanh says

    Hi Khoi,

    Which cast has accoutrements that absolutely hug biceps? I am not talking about spandex. Aloof approved T-shirts. Abounding acknowledgment for the review.

    • Khoi Nguyen says

      Hey man, I aloof adapted the article. You can acquaint from the photos which brands hug the biceps, which is appealing abundant all of them. Of advance it additionally depends on your build.

  2. Christina J. Banks says

    I am actual admiring that I begin article. These tees are outstanding!

  3. bth73 says

    Wow, I never anticipation there were bodies brainless abundant to pay $60 for a t-shirt. The aggregation is authoritative at atomic $55 per shirt.

    • Khoi Nguyen says

      False. There are times in activity you pay a bit added of a exceptional for a college affection product. Is it cheap? No. But is it aerial quality? Yes. At atomic it’s not a $300-$400 bodice that you can acquisition abounding artist brands priced at.

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