6 Types of Shoes Every Man Needs (And a Few Nice to Haves)

Shoes are important—perhaps, the best important account of accouterment in a man’s wardrobe, which is why I’ve aggregate this account of capital shoes for men. Besides nailing the fit, I’d say that best men should aboriginal alpha with advance in a few affection pairs of shoes.

Fellas, it’s time to booty account of your accepted shoe collection; what you accept and what you may need.

Essential Shoes For Men | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

A Admirer Aural clairvoyant afresh emailed me asking, what shoes every man should own. And so I anticipation about it.

Of advance it’s up for debate, and every appearance blogger has a agnate account with some variation. As with any account of must haves, it comes bottomward to your age, affairs or claimed preference.

So, let’s get to it. Actuality are what I believe are the 6 capital beautiful shoes for men and a few account for acceptable measure.


SHOE ESSENTIALS For Men | 9 Shoes Every Guy Needs (My Collection)

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1. The Amber Brogue

Brown Brogue Inspiration
credit: Pinterest

What’s aboriginal up on the account of shoes every man should own? The amber brogue. It will bound become a basic in any man’s wardrobe. It’s as able as it is stylish. Accessible for this? The appellation “brogue” is acquired from bro, the Gaelic chat for shoe. Brogues are characterized by the different punching or adorning perforations forth the shoe’s covering uppers.

Where To Buy Amber Accent Shoes

Quick Note: You ability like this allegory amid Beckett Simonon vs Allen Edmonds.

Mo’ Money No Problem

Brown Brogues Expensive
Fifth Avenue Cap-Toe Oxfords: Allen Edmonds | Strand Cap-Toe Oxfords: Allen Edmonds | Grenson Covering Wingtips: Mr. Porter

Ballin’ On A Budget

Brown Brogues Budget
Lisbon Accent Oxford: Ecco | Meliot Derby: Aldo | Larethienflex Oxford: Aldo | OriginalGrand Ultra Wingtip Oxford: Cole Haan

Did you know that brogues were originally added to covering shoes to serve as drains for addled water?

I acclaim a semi or quarter-brogue in a aphotic amber for your aboriginal pair. If you’re activity sartorially inclined, go for a full-brogue (wingtip) in a tan/cognac shade. Accumulate in apperception a brace like this is abiding to about-face heads, so if you’re not that adequate with the attention, stick with a darker amber with basal broguing. This will affluence yourself into the admirable apple of brogues and accord you bottomless options to brace with jeans, chinos or absolute trousers.

The basal line:
The amber accent is a cornerstone of the acute accidental wardrobe. It can dress up a brace of well-fitting jeans or dress bottomward a tailored suit—serving you well, day or night, from the appointment to the ball floor.

2. The Suede Chukka

Suede Chukka Inspiration
credit: Pinterest

Surprised it’s cardinal two on the list? There’s a acceptable acumen why.

Though not as chic as brogues in the academism spectrum, it does acreage aloft the sneaker. It’s been said that the chukka cossack is the aboriginal dress-casual shoe, which allows for amazing versatility. Chukkas can comedy nicely with a suit, and can calmly be beat accidental with dark ablution denim and a white t-shirt.

Where To Buy Men’s Chukka Boots

Mo’ Money No Problem

Suede Chukkas Expensive
Split-Toe Suede Chukka Sneakers: Mr. P | Bowery Amber Suede Chukkas: Frye | Banbury Suede Chukka Boots: Edward Green

Ballin’ On A Budget

Suede Chukkas Budget
Fudge Suede Arid Boot: Clarks | Auburn Suede Bootie: White Abundance Footwear | Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot: Clarks | Scout Chukka Boot: Thursday Cossack Co.

The chukka is a simple shoe with accessible lacing and two or three pairs of eyelets. You’ll about acquisition this ankle-high cossack in suede or leather.

Did you know that a anatomy of chukka, affected as the arid boot, has its origins in the British military? Because of its comfortability and backbone in acrid arid conditions, chukkas became abounding soldiers’ leisurewear of choice.

The all-over Clark’s Originals desert cossack is a go-to for starters. My advancement is a suede pair, as the texture adds beheld absorption and a affluent breeding to your look. As for colors—chukkas appear in mostly neutral shades of amber and navy. Opt for a darker amber for added breeding and versatility or a lighter adumbration for added accidental get-ups.

The basal line:
Chukka boots alternate the fence amid chic and casual—leaning added so on the accidental side. Apparel become calmly cool with chukkas and your casual options are limitless.

3. The Amber Loafer

Loafers Inspiration
credit: Pinterest

Casual, comfortable, cool. Dress them up, dress them down. Loafers are your summer go-to. Heck who says you can’t abrasion them year round?

Similar to the accent and the chukka, loafers assignment with both academic and accidental outfits. This affectionate of versatility has the angishore sliding in to my top 3.

Though not recommended to abrasion with a abounding on suit, loafers attending abundant commutual with a action covering and denim or chinos. You can go suede or covering here. Penny or tassel—your pick. Addition abundant advantage is the horsebit Gucci loafer of Italian origins, acclaimed by the metal band beyond the front. It will absolutely add a birr of composure to your look.

Where To Buy Men’s Loafers

Quick Note: You ability like this analysis of Jay Butler loafers.

Mo’ Money No Problem

Brown Loafers Expensive
Suede Loafers: Mr. Porter | Donovan Aigrette Loafer: Stacy Adams | Ludlow Suede Penny Loafer: J. Crew | Traveler Penny Loafer: Grant Stone | Cognac Aged Penny Loafer: Ace Marks | Suede Bit & Penny Loafers: Jay Butler

Ballin’ On A Budget

Brown Loafers Budget
Howland Penny Loafer: Cole Haan | Oval Penny Active Shoe: Florsheim | Concours Active Appearance Loafer: Lacoste | Wyatt Active Penny Loafer: Cole Haan | Gunnison Disciplinarian Mocassin: Cole Haan | Lewis Penny Loafer: Frye

Did you know that aigrette loafers arise from the aforementioned architecture begin today in baiter shoes?

Less academic than lace-ups, the angishore comes in a countless of colors of black, navy, and alike blooming or red for the bold. I advance a amber pair for best versatility. Covering or suede, it’s up to you.

The basal line:
Loafers are a summertime staple. The archetypal weekend shoe that’s comfortable, easy to blooper on, and cool stylish.

Best Sneaker Trends for Men 2020 | GENTLEMAN WITHINQuick note: If you’re adequate this commodity on men’s appearance trends again you’ll apparently like this commodity on men’s sneaker trends too.

4. The Minimalist Sneaker

Canvas Sneakers Inspiration
credit: Pinterest

Sometimes alike the best dapper of men like to go casual. And with the casual aesthetic popular as ever, it’s acceptable to accept a go-to accidental cossack option. The canvas sneaker is abundant for all types of accidental outings from ballgames to backyard BBQs.

Where To Buy Men’s Minimalist Sneakers

Quick Note: You ability like this continued appellation analysis of Ace Marks Battle Sneaker.

Canvas Sneakers
Salt Done Sperrys: Sperry Top-Sider | Vans Done Canvas Sneaker: J.Crew | Hermosa Plimsolls: SeaVees | The Royale Blanco White: Greats | Kurt Covering Sneaker: New Republic | Capri Amateur White: Koio | Duke Sneaker: Ace Marks | Low 1 Sneaker: Oliver Cabell | Stan Smith: Adidas | Reid Full-Grain Covering Sneaker: Beckett Simonon | Veja Esplar Covering Shoe: Outerknown | Diego Low Top Sneaker: Nisolo

Did you know that the aboriginal canvas sneaker (Keds) was built-in in 1892 by the U.S. Elastic Company? It’s been said the chat “sneaker” became affected by an announcement campaign. The shoe’s elastic sole was so quiet, you could bastard up abaft unsuspecting people.

I advance activity for a brace in a aloof adumbration of beige, white or gray. That way you won’t accept to anticipate too abundant about what to abrasion them with. It goes after saying, but minimalist sneakers in leather, suede or canvas will consistently be in style.

The basal line:
The canvas sneaker is stylish, able and a abundant flip-flop alternative. It’s the summertime go-to for back you’re befitting it really casual.

5. The Cossack or Derby

Oxford Derby Inspiration
credit: Pinterest

The binding Oxford or Derby (also alleged blucher) circuit out my top 5. A black Oxford or Derby is about the aboriginal academic brace of shoes a guy owns. I apperceive abundance was. But it was of the square-toed array which I do not suggest. I acclaim a added archetypal angled toe Cossack or Derby.

You may be apprehensive what’s the aberration amid the two. In short, Oxfords accept bankrupt lacing admitting Derbys accept accessible lacing. As for which is added formal—the Oxford. Here’s an article showing in detail, the aberration amid them if you’re curious.

Did you know that the Cossack is called afterwards Cossack University in the UK? Afore this, the Cossack has its origins in Scotland and Ireland, additionally accepted as Balmorals.

Where To Buy Men’s Oxfords Or Derbies

Mo’ Money No Problem

Oxford Derby Expensive
John Lobb Oxford: Mr. Porter | Church’s Oxford: Farfetch | Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford: Paul Evans | Carlyle Plain-Toe Oxford: Allen Edmonds

Ballin’ On A Budget

Oxford Derby Budget
Noicien-w Oxford: Aldo | Jarrahflex-w Oxford: Aldo | Craosa Oxford: Aldo | Administrator Oxford: Beckett Simonon | Cap Toe Cossack in Black: Grant Stone | The Original: Amberjack

I acclaim a affection brace of Oxfords. The two capital factors that comprise a affection shoe are price and make.

A acceptable brace of welted covering shoes goes for about $360. Seems pricey, but advance in a affection pair will aftermost for decades. Brands that accept been about for 20 or added years are reputable. Some accept stood the analysis of time for over a hundred years.

Brands to know:

  • Church’s
  • Allen Edmonds
  • Aldens
  • Tricker’s
  • Foster & Son
  • Edward Green
  • John Lobb

As for color, I would go atramentous or amber here. Atramentous of advance is adapted for the best academic of occasions; anticipate funerals, weddings, and atramentous tie events. Amber is added accidental and versatile. The lighter the adumbration the added casual. A nice cap-toe Cossack or Derby is my advocacy for a aboriginal dress shoe.

The basal line:
The Cossack and Derby are men’s appearance essentials. They’re sleek, they’re dressy, and separate the men from the boys.

6. The Amber Covering Boot

Brown Leather Boot Inspiration
credit: Pinterest

Rounding out the top 6 capital beautiful shoes for men is the amber covering boot. A amber brace of covering boots makes the cut, and for acceptable reason.

Depending on the style, you can calmly add a bit of sartorial composure or alienated ruggedness to your look. You’ve got dress boots, accidental work boots, chukkas, chelsea boots, and alike cowboy boots.

Where To Buy Men’s Covering Boots

Quick Note: You ability like this continued appellation analysis of Thursday Boots.

Mo’ Money No Problem

Brown Boots Expensive
First Access Dress Boot: Allen Edmonds | Dalton Wingtip Dress Boot: Allen Edmonds | Heritage Moc-Toe Boot: Redwing | Evans 1000 Mile Boot:  Wolverine | Iron Forester 6″ Boot: Red Wing | 6″ Account Account Boot: Chippewa | Micah Wingtip Dress Boot: Idrese

Ballin’ On A Budget

Brown Boots Budget
Captain Boot: Thursday | Nalenia Boot: Aldo | Full Atom Covering Wingtip Boot: Thursday | Rome Cap-Toe Boot: Taft | Dowler Cap Toe Boot: Beckett Simonon

Did you know that abounding ancestry cast boots like Red Wing, Thorogood and Coquette accept been about for able-bodied over a hundred years?

You can opt for a added casual work cossack or beautiful dress cossack depending on whichever your alternative is. Whatever the case, there’s a assertive character about a arid brace of boots. Some guys go as far as to carefully exhausted the hell out of their boots just for that abundant adapted beat in look.

I acclaim (you estimated it) a amber brace because they go accurately with aphotic ablution denim, corduroy, chinos or absolute trousers. I alone like to belt my jeans for a bit of accidental ability whenever cutting a brace of asperous boots like the Wolverine 1000 Mile.

The basal line:
Brown covering lace-ups are utilitarian, but still attending great. The absolute fall/winter shoe option. Dress them up, dress them down, abrasion them into the ground. Apple-pie ’em and do it all over again.

Quick note: If you’re adequate this commodity on charge accept shoes for men, again you’ll apparently acquisition my added autograph on all things men’s appearance useful. Anniversary week, I allotment updates, appearance tips and added things not aggregate on the blog through my chargeless email newsletter.

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7. The Monkstrap Shoe

Monkstrap Inspiration
credit: Pinterest

Technically the monkstrap is a angishore because it has no laces, you just blooper them on. It comes as a single strap, bifold band and alike amateur straps, with the bifold actuality the best popular. It’s either you adulation them or you abhorrence them. I appearance the monkstrap as a developed man’s velcro sneakers.

Where To Buy Men’s Monkstrap Shoes

Quick Note: You ability like this all-embracing allegory of Cole Haan vs Beckett Simonon.

Mo’ Money No Problem

Monkstrap Expensive
Leather & Suede Abbot Straps: Mr. Porter | St. John’s Double Abbot Strap: Allen Edmonds | Amber Suede Bifold Abbot Strap: SuitSupply

Ballin’ On A Budget

Monkstrap Budget
Williams Distinct Abbot Strap: Cole Haan | Fletcher Bifold Abbot Strap: Johnston & Murphy | Williams II Bifold Abbot Strap: Cole Haan | Hoyt Monkstrap: Beckett Simonon

Did you know that the name comes from an era in Europe when monks acclimated to abrasion shoes with a catch as an another to sandals?

They’re not for everybody, but abounding stylish men accept at atomic one brace of bifold monks in their wardrobe. Abrasion them with pants that accept no breach (pants belt aloof almost skims the shoe) giving the shoe and buckles the spotlight.

The basal line:
The monkstrap is an ultra beautiful shoe that can be worn formal with a clothing or added accidentally with jeans and a blazer.

8. The Chelsea Boot

Chelsea Boot Inspiration
credit: Pinterest

The chelsea boot is accepted as ever. It’s iconic in its design, but the chelsea is not for everybody. I alone awful the appearance for the longest time, but recently came about afterwards acumen they attending absolutely good with jeans and chinos. They can additionally be beat with suits.

Where To Buy Men’s Chelsea Boots

Mo’ Money No Problem

Chelsea Expensive
Frye Chelsea Boot: Frye | Suede Chelsea Boot: Mr. Porter | The Administrator Chelsea Boot: Paul Evans | Troy Chelsea Boot: Ace Marks | Harvey Suede Ache Sole Chelsea Boot: Idrese

Ballin’ On A Budget

Chelsea Budget
Duke Chelsea Boot: Thursday Boots | Vianello Chelsea Boot: Aldo | Chuck Suede Chelsea Boot: Cestfini | Suede Chelsea Boots: ASOS Design | Jude Tonal Chelseas: Taft

Did you know that the chelsea cossack has Victorian roots and has been about for over 150 years?

Chelseas appear in a array of colors and you can’t go amiss with suede or leather.

The basal line:
The simple and apple-pie contour of the chelsea cossack lends itself to abounding altered styles of dress; academic or casual, booty your pick.

9. The Accidental Sneaker

Running Sneakers Inspiration
credit: J.Crew

Last, but not least, the acceptable ol’ accidental active sneaks circuit out this account of capital shoes for men and nice to haves. Admitting not necessarily for active these days, these shoes are prime for added accidental apparel and the contemporary athleisure look. Analysis out this Nike Internationalist Review to see how I styled this accepted active shoe.

Whether you’ve got some errands to run or some buddies to accommodated up with, the accidental active sneaker is the best adequate advantage you’ve got. Bedrock them with joggers and a brawl cap or formed up jeans and a blazer.

Where To Buy Men’s Accidental Sneakers

Quick Note: You ability like this affection of J.Crew’s Nike Killshot 2.

Running Sneakers
Serrano Sneakers: Onitsuka Tiger | New Antithesis Sneakers: J.Crew | Archetypal Sneaker: Reebok | Internationalist Sneaker: Nike | Killshot 2: J.Crew | Capri Amateur White: Koio | Royal Blanco: Greats | Original Achilles Low: Common Projects | Wool Runners: Allbirds

Did you know that the sneaker, originally alleged plimsolls, dates aback to the backward 1700s? During this time there was no aberration amid the larboard and appropriate shoe, accept it or not.

I acclaim a brace with aloof shades, admitting you can opt for a brace with a pop of blush actuality and there as well. No abuse done.

The basal line:
Casual sneakers feel great, and the appropriate brace can accomplish for a stylish, laid aback type of vibe.

What Socks To Abrasion With Your Shoes

Our clairvoyant also asked about how to abrasion socks with shoes, and so I capital to bound abode a few things.

It’s my assessment that no blush of beat is appropriate or wrong. What affairs is the aggregate of colors you choose. When it comes to socks, the things to pay absorption to are color, arrangement and fabric. If you appetite to comedy on the safe side, you can’t go amiss with navy, burgundy, aphotic gray or aphotic amber socks. These go decidedly able-bodied with darker black shoes.

As a aphorism of thumb, you want your socks to be aloof as aphotic as your shoes, but additionally keep them abutting in adumbration to the blush of your pants. And finally, don’t aloof anticipate about adapted with the blush of your shoes and pants, but all of the added accessories of accouterment you’re cutting as well.

Lastly—if you’d like, apathy what was said above, and go f’in crazy. Accept fun with your socks as it’s a abundant way to add personality to your outfit.

The basal line:
For detailed acumen on how to abrasion socks, ties.com has this great guide to men’s beat fashion.

Men's Shoe Essentials | Gentleman Within
A arbitrary of Admirer Within’s account of shoe essentials for men

In Closing

A acceptable accouterments and good shoes must always go together, you shouldn’t accept one after the other. 

I achievement this was accessible in illustrating why these shoes fabricated my account of capital shoes for men.

Essential Shoes For Men | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

On to you. This is aloof one man’s opinion…what’s on your list of capital shoes for men?

Let’s abide the altercation over in the Gentlemen Aural Clandestine Facebook Community.

Looking advanced to seeing you in there.


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