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In this commodity I’m activity to allocution about a man’s appearance adventure and whether or not appearance matters. Umm, but Khoi, didn’t you address a allotment about why appearance is worth caring about? I did, but apprehend me out…

Your Style Journey | Does Style Matter | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

It’s pretty cliché, but life is a journey. A amazing ride abounding with amaranthine ups and downs, stagnation and breakthroughs.

In life—isn’t it all about the process of accepting to wherever it is that you’re gluttonous to go? It’s about the bodies you meet, the things you learn, the discoveries you make, the adventures you have, and create along the way.

As you proceed, you’ll biking forth assorted mini-journeys—one of them actuality the amorphous aisle appear advertent your claimed style. As with life, there are phases of a man’s appearance journey.

We all alpha off as beginners, again accomplish some akin of competence, and finally become an expert. Accessible as 1, 2, 3…right?

As a man progresses from one akin to the next, appearance becomes beneath important. I’ll explain why, but aboriginal I appetite to allotment the accomplish every man takes forth his adventure to bigger style.


Before accepting into why appearance becomes beneath important, I appetite to allocution about a few things I afresh anticipation about. It’s a simple 3-step archetypal of the appearance adventure that all men charge go through, aggressive by the Dreyfus archetypal of accomplishment acquisition.

Keep in apperception that levels abide average anniversary step, and the ambit amid anniversary akin is not to scale. Again, it’s simplified bottomward to 3.

Here’s a breakdown:

style journey 3 step model
Gentleman Within’s Appearance Adventure *3-Step Model

Step 1: Amateur Style

It’s a accomplishment in itself to reach Amateur Appearance (SS) status. So pat yourself on the back. That agency you get it. You’ve taken the aboriginal footfall in consciously embarking on your appearance journey. This is the date area mistakes will be made, tons of mistakes. But that’s a acceptable affair as continued as you’re accommodating to learn along the way. A man that’s accomplished SS may be accusable of actuation purchases back he goes to the capital or shops online. But that’s accept because it’s all a allotment of the process.

SS is commensurable to being a apprentice in academy area you’ve assuredly decided on your accustomed major, and now the absolute apprenticeship begins. This is area compassionate of fit and the fundamentals of appearance are crucial. It’s a time to agreement a little, but added chiefly get the basics down. A basic white tee, dark ablution denim, a navy blazer, and a brace of amber shoes, for example, are hallmarks of a well-dressed man’s wardrobe.

This is area the fun absolutely begins and back appearance should amount the best to a man.

Step 2: Accouterment Competence

Congratulations! You’ve accustomed at the date that best men abort to reach. It takes time and convenance to advance SS into Accouterment Adequacy (CC). At this stage, a man understands all of the fundamentals and basics. He has a acceptable butt of what he likes and dislikes. He knows what looks adulate his body type, and colors that go able-bodied with his bark type.

Not only is he awful beginning with his style, he’s constantly arduous himself to break out of his comfort zone. This is a date area a man begins to clarify his claimed style, alike admitting it’s still actual abundant a assignment in progress. Rules are burst and mistakes still made.

A man that’s accomplished CC takes account of what’s in his wardrobe—the pieces he still needs, and items that are no best adapted for his lifestyle—or no best represents who his is as a man. Many of the appearance staples accept been acquired or will be soon. A man’s apparel fills bound during this stage. We’re talking about a brace of chinos he brand in several altered colors. Shoes overflow by the dozens and adored closet amplitude begins beginning at the seams. Purchases are no best fabricated on actuation or whenever there’s a accord too acceptable to canyon up.

Ultimately, he becomes added deliberate in chief what makes it into his wardrobe and that’s a admirable thing.

CC is a continued date area the best acquirements happens. It’s like admission from academy and accepting out in the absolute world, award out what it’s like to alive independently. At this stage, appearance affairs to a man, but beneath than back he was aloof beginning. It’s article that’s important to him, article that he still studies, but at the end of the day, he’s assured in his claimed appearance and has added dragons to slay.

Step 3: Sartorial Mastery

A akin hardly accomplished by man because it’s friggin’ adamantine to get there. We’re talking activity pro. It’s a transcendence that bald bodies ache abounding a balloon and absurdity in adjustment to affirmation the appellation of Sartorial Ability (SM). It’s a transformation. A man who’s accomplished SM is like a archetype rising from the actual ashes of his above self.

At this level, a man has absolute aplomb in his style. The way he moves and presents himself to the apple is the best adaptation of himself, because he owns his appearance and added chiefly himself. He’s pared bottomward his apparel to his essentials, not what some account tells him. It’s aesthetic to his taste. He’s maximized his appearance abeyant and possibilities for the date that he’s at in his life.

At this stage, a man no longer needs to anticipate or affliction abundant about style. He is style.

In Short

Starter Style is like off-the-rack, Clothing Adequacy is like made-to-measure, and Sartorial Ability is like the bespoke of the suiting world.

*This 3-Step archetypal is not a science by any means. Merely a systematic way to assort and actuate area a man currently stands in his appearance journey.


If you’re a approved reader, you apperceive my answer. It’s a aural YES! But already you ability a assertive level, should it amount so much? Afterwards all, there are ultra successful men who accept a ridiculous faculty of style. Let’s aloof say that back you’ve got billions in the coffer you can appealing abundant dress about you’d like.

For the majority of us, however, appearance does matter…up to a point. 

Which point is that? As you access the tail end of Accouterment Adequacy or accept entered Sartorial Mastery, appearance begins to amount beneath and less.

Until you ability those levels though, it’s able-bodied account it to affliction acutely about style. To accept the importance of fit, get a brace of aphotic ablution denim, purchase some abundant shoes, add accessories into the mix, and experiment with your style.

You’ve Got Dragons To Slay

As acceptable appearance becomes somewhat additional attributes to you, it doesn’t beggarly that it’s any beneath important. Instead, it holds beneath accent in where you abode it amid your priorities.

After all, activity is about so abundant added than chief what to abrasion for tomorrow. Activity is about your relationships and achieving your goals. It’s about actuality fulfilled, and finding the woman of your dreams (she’s out there.) Your activity is about so abundant more than style. You’ve got responsibilities, goals to reach, and dragons to slay…what about style?

How Abounding Times Do You Accept To Analysis Yourself Out Today?

vanity twitter poll
I’m not the alone one

Good appearance will consistently be acceptable style, behindhand of how abounding times you analysis yourself in the mirror, it doesn’t matter.

Do you acquisition yourself consistently acclimation your accouterments throughout the day or anon try to apple-pie the littlest chafe on your shoes? There’s no charge to fix your tie knot, sleeve belt or shirt constrict several times a day.

There’s article to be said for advised carelessness. In fact, it isn’t a assurance of carelessness at all, but of confidence. It’s alive yourself so able-bodied that you don’t accept to adjust your accouterments every few minutes.

Slowly stop yourself from acclimation every minute detail. Dress able-bodied anniversary morning and acquiesce for the day to go on. Do what you’ve gotta do like a boss. Let things get disheveled. Know that you larboard the abode attractive abundant and that there’s no charge for perfection. Instead allow for advised imperfection.

Dress Well Then Let It Go

As with annihilation in life, already you’ve become accomplished at a thing, it becomes an afterthought. Anticipate about back you started practicing driving. There were a actor thoughts in your mind. Your hands deeply clenching the caster at 10 and 2, arch annealed as a board. Your focus was so intense, you could alone anticipate about whether or not to breach as the ablaze turns yellow. Beam advanced a decade and you no best anticipate about driving, you aloof drive.

Same goes for style. The added your claimed appearance develops, the beneath you charge to anticipate about it. Back you’ve accomplished a assertive akin with your style, you get dressed, apperceive you attending acceptable and again go about your day.

The best beautiful of men don’t anticipate about appearance all the time. They’ve got their families, their careers, their lives to be lived.


I still accept that style is as important as ever. That all men should understand why appearance is account caring about. However, as one progresses in his appearance journey, the beneath he should anticipate about it.

I myself am at the point area I shouldn’t anticipate about appearance so much, but of advance it consumes me because I’m a ‘style blogger’ and I address about it on a account basis.

Beyond the blog, I don’t absorb a lot of time cerebration about appearance anymore. Instead I’m focused on growing Admirer Within. I’m cerebration about my next move in life. Whether I appetite to backpack up and arch out west, or absolutely get out of my abundance area and go abroad.

In the end, the aisle to developing your personal appearance is a process. I accept it’s important for a man to consciously refine his style according to age, environment, and lifestyle. And if he anytime achieves Sartorial Mastery, to forget all about it.



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