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Ever feel like you accept so abundant applesauce in your closet, but annihilation to wear? An amaranthine supply of shirts in all kinds of shapes, sizes, patterns and colors to ratty old t-shirts, sports jerseys, oversized hoodies, and billowing jeans from the aboriginal 2000s? You accept so abounding options that it becomes crippling chief what to wear.

THE PROBLEM: Closet Clutter

Take Your Style From Good To Great | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

THE SOLUTION: Apparel Purge

Ah yes, a acceptable old apparel abolition is in order. Not the best agitative thing, but you charge to carve bottomward and get rid of the excess. Booty account of what’s in your closet, trim the fat and alone leave allowance for pieces you will adulation to abrasion every distinct day. To me, a closet cleanse is one of the best and most important things you can do for your claimed style. No amount area you are in your style journey, you can account from the simple hard as hell act of charwoman out your closet.

Aziz Ansari of Master of None
Aziz is acutely a adept of one thing—his claimed style—credit | Getty

Aziz Ansari, biographer and brilliant of the hit Netflix series, “Master of None” has adopted the less is added philosophy:

“If you accept a massive closet, you’re kinda lying to yourself. If you accept a agglomeration of dress shirts, you apperceive the one that’s absolutely bendable and fits you absolutely well. So I anticipate the ambition is to body a closet area it’s aloof that. I try to do the affair in the book that Japanese adult wrote about dent your closet down: If you attending at article and you don’t adulation it, get rid of it.”

With this article, I’ll adviser you through a adjustment that can make it easier for you to determine what to accumulate and what to get rid of so that you accept a closet you can be appreciative of.


Ideally you appetite aggregate in your closet to be a 10, according to you. Appropriate now you may accept 2’s or 5’s. It’s a no brainer what to do with those. But afterwards the abolition you may still accept 7s or 8s, which is accept for now. It’s way bigger than a closet abounding of 3’s. For now, you can accumulate 7’s or 8’s. This is what I did afterwards charwoman my closet beforehand this Spring. After on back you’re a bit added forth on your appearance journey, you can up your accepted to 9’s-10’s, and get rid of those 7’s and 8’s.

Confused by all these numbers yet?

Before I get into the systematic access for chief what to abandon and what to accumulate in your wardrobe, let me aboriginal acknowledgment the approved and accurate adjustment best bodies go by. If you haven’t beat an account in the aftermost 6 months, for some it’s 12 months, again you’ve got to get rid of it no questions asked. But it’s never that simple and that’s why I think this blueprint can advice if you’re disturbing to adjudge what makes the cut.

Mr Porter Wardrobe Goals
Wardrobe Goals Pt. 1—credit | Mr. Porter

Let’s alarm it Gentleman Within’s “F It Method”

The “F It Method” is based on these 3 things:

How able-bodied does it (F)it?

If it doesn’t fit able-bodied and isn’t account tailoring, it gets a low brand of say 0-3. If it is article you appetite to try demography to a tailor, you can up the account to 4-7 (but you accept to get it tailored), and if fits nicely, accord it a 8-10 depending on how able-bodied it fits.

With what (F)requency do you abrasion it?

  • Within the accomplished ages = 10 – Accumulate it
  • Within the accomplished 3 months = 7 – Accumulate it
  • Within the accomplished 6 months = 4 – Bung it
  • Within the accomplished 12 months = 0 – Absolutely lose it

Certain things like a atramentous clothing , atramentous shoes or added items that you alone abrasion on the best formal of occasions can be absolved from this. And if it’s out of season, again you can go aback to the aftermost day of that division and account from there.

What is the (F)eeling that it gives you?

This one is simple. Do you feel amazing with whatever it is that you’re wearing? Accord it a 10. Achieve for annihilation beneath than a 10 here.

If you feel this whole “F It Method” is way too complicated, which it may actual able-bodied be, I say if you don’t actually adulation it, if it doesn’t fit well, isn’t account tailoring, and if you haven’t beat it in the accomplished 6 months, LET IT GO.


Look, I get it. It’s hard—really hard, abnormally if you’re addition like me who brand to authority assimilate everything. So you spent a lot on a piece and almost wore it, or it holds affected value. Or maybe you acclimated to absolutely love it and wore it a lot in the past. Or conceivably you’re cerebration about a time in the approaching that you’re activity to charge it, (trust me, that day won’t come, and if it anytime does, you’ll accept bigger options in your closet) but if you haven’t beat it afresh and it no best represents you and your claimed style, again it’s best to get rid of it.

It may aching at aboriginal or during the action of charwoman aggregate out, but afterwards you will feel a weight lifted. You will accept added allowance to access pieces that are added in band with your accepted claimed style. And if you stick with the staples and classic items, you won’t accept to go through the action of trashing annihilation because you will consistently adulation it and the alone time you’ll accept to debris article is back it’s been beat into the ground, which is a acceptable thing. Amount per abrasion is real.

Get rid of the pieces captivation you back. You won’t affliction it. It’s the best and best important affair you can do for your claimed style. Items that deserve a atom in your closet are those that fit absolutely well, that you abrasion all the time, and that you feel 100% your best cocky wearing. Aim to access those pieces and don’t achieve for any less.

Pacman82 Closet
Wardrobe Goals Pt. 2—credit | Pacman82


If it’s account selling, try Facebook Marketplace or Grailed. I feel these are bigger options than eBay. You could additionally do a acceptable old ancient backyard sale. If it’s not account selling, again bag it up and accord to Salvation Army or Goodwill. Finally if it’s in appealing bad shape, do anybody a favor and aloof debris it.

If you’re austere about developing your claimed style, accepting it as abutting as accessible to resemble who you are at this date in your life, you accept to be accommodating to allotment means with the things captivation you back. I’d say the best difficult of the 3 F’s is frequency. If article is a abhorrent fit, it’s an accessible decision. And if article makes you feel like shit, that’s additionally an accessible choice. But abundance is something you can absolve why you haven’t been cutting it. In reality, if you haven’t beat it in the accomplished 6 months to a year, affairs are you won’t abrasion it again. So chaw the ammo and say goodbye.


Earlier this Bounce I awash a few items and abounding up 2 ample debris accoutrements account of clothes. I’ll acceptable accept to abolition some added as Abatement comes around. Yeah, it ain’t accessible absolution go all at once. But as with any blazon of absolute change in life, you accept to get rid of the old (like every aftermost keepsake of your ex-girlfriend) in adjustment to acceptable newer and bigger things to come.

The key is to carve down. Barron Cuadro over at Effortless Gent refers to this as the angular wardrobe. Antonio Centono, architect of Real Men Absolute Style talks about this as the changeable wardrobe. About it’s maximizing your appearance options with the fewest amount articles of accouterment in your wardrobe.

Sometimes the best important things in activity are the hardest. Sure a apparel abolition isn’t glamorous, but it’s crucial. By accomplishing this, you can booty your appearance from acceptable to great, but you’ve gotta do it now and stop putting it off for later.

A Kingsman's Closet
Wardrobe Goals Pt. 3—credit | Kingsman


No one said it was easy to accomplish a closet abounding of 10’s. I assumption that’s why they say #ClosetGoals.

There’s article to be said for a minimalism. Acceptable appearance can become abundant appearance if you abbey your apparel in such a way that alone capital items remain. I’m still acquirements this myself, but I’ll get there and you will too.

What do you guys anticipate of this apparel abolition method—is it too complicated or account trying?


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